How to Window Clean with Water Fed Pole – A simple and cheap way into water fed

How to window clean with water fed pole and how to set it up easily and cheaply. This is my system and I show you just how easy it is to set up a water fed pole back pack system. It is certainly the cheapest and quickest way into reach and wash for sure. Just make sure you fit a tap to your pole so you can save water and do the bottom windows in a “traditional way”. This way you will have plenty of water capacity for a normal domestic window cleaning round. In fact this is still the way I do mine. I have used a van system but could not get on with the 100m hose. I prefer to leave my vehicle in one place and go to work. I do have some nice blocks of work though. For US viewers, here is a good version of the back pack that’s easy to buy on Amazon: I now use the later version of the backpack from Facelift and the flow is fantastic.

Getting headaches with your window cleaning chores? Leave it to the professional window cleaning services ! I recommend this Portland Window Cleaning and Washing company , for all your window cleaning needs ! Their window cleaners are good!!

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