How to spring load your water fed swivel brush – window cleaning tips

This is how to spring load your swivel brush so it springs back to central all the time instead of it being floppy. This can help a lot and make things more efficient.

Please watch: “Rivet Gun – How to use a Pop Rivet Gun”


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  1. Thanks Chris, yeah I can force the clamp on, but wasn't sure that the bolt holes would line up with a longer bolt. Have emailed window cleaning warehouse about it, but in the meantime I found another video which utilised the top half of the black angle adaptor ( part that screws into the brush) so I have attached the wagtail clamp onto that. Now I am just waiting for a tapered cone adaptor I have ordered which should screw onto the euro thread of my other normal angle adaptor allowing fitment of the wagtail handle. Hopefully , job done . 🙂 But yeah I'll take a look at that other video too, many thanks

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