How to clean your vinyl replacement windows with tilt in fe

Danny Rossa of Finestra Rossa shows you how to use the tilt in easy to clean feature found on most vinyl replacement windows found on the market today. 485 new park ave west Hartford ct. 06110 860-986-7277

Getting headaches with your window cleaning chores? Leave it to the professional window cleaning services ! I recommend this Portland Window Cleaning and Washing company , for all your window cleaning needs ! Their window cleaners are good!!

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  1. Thanks Danny. Just got a home with these windows. Didn't know the top tilted. btw what is the purpose of the latches?

  2. Thank You for your great video Danny.  Just got kitchen remodeled and got these great new windows and wanted to learn how to open and tilt them for washing.  Your video did the ticket.  Very good presentation. 🙂

  3. Thanks a ton. I moved into a house that has these windows and didn't know that you could pull them all the way in and rest them while hanging on the hinge. Got many to do.great tip.

  4. Hi Danny, I wish I would have watched your video BEFORE I tried to clean my Windows for the first time!! 2 hours later … one of your other videos helped my daughter and I fix what happens when you Don't Clear the lip. Then also, what can happen while you are fixing the boot! Lol at least I won't make that mistake again!

  5. Hey Danny !! Does the tilt feature also work for vinyl sliding replacement windows? Or for sliding windows, do you have to remove them from their tracks to clean them?

  6. This was so helpful!! I am helping my grandmother get her house ready to sell and she had no idea how to clean her windows.

  7. Thank you so much for posting this! I moved in to my house 4 years ago and NO ONE told me how to clean the windows! I figured out how to tilt in the bottom window but never knew i could tilt in the top to clean it as well. Now i know what i'll be doing tomorrow! Clean windows here i come!

  8. Thank you for this well-done, clear video. I was scared to clean the outside of the upper window, but not any more!

  9. Do you have any tips on how to release hinged windows (that open outwards) for cleaning? I am looking for a release button but can't find anything. The windows are vinyl replaced about four years ago and too high to access from outside. Thank you.

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