How much to charge for window cleaning on storefronts and plazas

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Starting and running a small business is extremely challenging.

Trust me I know.

There are times when we are so stressed out that we feel paralyzed.

If your trying to make more money in the window cleaning game.

Or your frustrated and don’t understand why anyone would even consider paying to have their windows cleaned.

I know how you feel. Still today I have to pass on jobs because the price is too low.

I believe my new book cuts through a lot of the clutter and really explains the misconceptions about the window cleaning business.

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So much for pursuing your dreams for your family and yourself.

I believe and you and thanks for believing in me.

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Keith Kalfas

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  1. I've been canvassing storefronts, no one is going to pay more than $1-$1.50 per window. Shitty Fish charges $1 a window inside and out, and so does another legitimate company around me, and of course crack head Billy and his partner Bucket Bob. It sucks.

  2. 8 bucks a window i/o ,6 bucks out per window. but i dont do a store front under 20 bucks flat rate then off there ….my buisness does 8 bucks flat,9 bucks multi,19 bucks storms ,16 marvins ….we do 2200 house a yr ,10 man crew,3 vans ,we work out of northshore Massachusetts

  3. You would do well in Australia. You can charge a fair bit more since everything costs more lol no seriously lots of new residential buildings and construction work around the major cities. I like charging by the square metre or lineal metre or a set price but not by the hour because you spend too much time being perfect when its your business. Being perfect is not best. Think car companies there is only one Mercedes so stick to the service turn it into a refined product eventually. your service will never fully be a product but a good business has both options. staffing solutions and tax its a wonder anyone gets into business and doesnt go batshit fucking crazy. unless you have a wife or good partner going it alone is mostly going to be chronic stress if your studying as well and have bills your already insane. but you know what.. it sure beats working 9-5 for someoone else. well that was pointless. =) Keep up the good biz Kiethy

  4. Keith,thanks for the great teachings on the biz!!..would never even have known there are actually professional window cleaners other than bucket Bob if I never came across your videos!

  5. hey keith my name is also keith do you need a truck to start out? i only have a car. also whats the brand name of your cleaning spray you use for not leaving residue ? please message me back

  6. I have a shop in the UK, the front window is probably half the size of that. The guy cleans mine outside only, takes him 2 mins and charges me £1.50 ($2).

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