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The UNITED STATES WINDOW COMPANY offers the best prices and service for window seal repair, condensation and moisture removal in the USA! We fix foggy windows with a broken window seal and provide free estimates for both homes and businesses.

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United States Home Window Repair

Moisture in windows, condensation in windows, or foggy windows, is a result of exceeding the saturation point of the absorbent material placed inside the thermal window by the manufacturer. Over time, moisture from inside the home slowly enters and builds up between the window panes of house windows to the point where condensation appears inside the window. This problem will only worsen over time with more moisture entering the home window creating poorer visibility, eventually damaging the house windows beyond repair, including the window sills.

United States home window repair can fix foggy windows, remove condensation in windows, and do window moisture removal, from most thermal windows for a fraction of the cost of a new window replacement. Depending on the window size, two or more small inconspicuous holes are drilled through the outside pane of the foggy window to allow the window moisture removal and then replaced with dry air from outside. The inside of the window between the two window panes is first washed with a special solution to remove any unsightly deposits and stains. Finally, a patent pending vent is plugged into the hole to allow the home windows to continue to dry, regaining their original R-Value.

Ask us for a free estimate for window repair that costs a fraction of new window replacement. Act now and contact the best window repair company in the USA for home window moisture removal of condensation in windows.

United States Commercial Window Repair

Unsightly window condensation or moisture in windows of businesses, until recently, was always remedied by costly window replacement. Commercial foggy window repair to remove window moisture from inside commercial double pane windows is now available for a fraction of the cost of window replacement.

Fixing foggy windows in the USA is quick, affordable, and unobtrusive to most commercial establishments. The process is exactly the same as home window repair. We simply remove the window moisture through two or more small inconspicuous holes drilled through the outside window pane. But first we wash between the window panes to remove unsightly deposits or stains. We then plug the patent pending vent into the holes drilled through the outside window pane. This will allow the commercial window to dry out and regain its original R-Value of the window.

Removing condensation in windows is the most often requested commercial window repair in the USA. Save time and money. Contact us for a free commercial window repair estimate.

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