Choosing the Right Window Cleaning Tools Supplies in Boston by Banner Systems Inc. Window Cleaning Supplies Boston
Washing windows means more than just wiping them down, and you need the right tools to get the job done right. To make your windows shine, follow this guide to selecting the right window cleaning tools.

The applicator you choose should hold plenty of water to eliminate multiple trips back to the bucket. A T-bar with water wells will retain the most water. The size of the applicator you choose depends on the windows. Wider windows require longer applicators.

Choose absorbent sleeves that hold cleaning solution longer. Microfiber is the best choice, but padstrips are great for more aggressive cleaning.

You’ll also need a high quality squeegee to get a streak-free shine and professional results.

Select a non-streaking, non-filming solution. We recommend Spartan Glass Cleaners that create a protective shield that resists fingerprints.

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