Cement removal & BUILDERS CLEAN- Pristine Windows – HOW TO DO !!

Ever wondered just ‘WHY’ House Builders with experience are VERY reluctant to get involved in any way with your FINAL ‘BUILDERS WINDOW AND GLASS’ Clean?
Well, We have been servicing this industry SINCE 2003, and our experience is VITAL when it comes to attending to these BUILDING headaches. With Newly built windows often being left by substandard, tardy and ‘little care’ trade people, we are forever seeing CONCRETE and Cement splatter, Resins and Glues, Silicone’s and Paint over-spray (To name but a few)
Removing these particles from new and OFTEN Heavily soiled, TINTED Glass is a real challenge requiring real experience!
With Scratch damage being so easy to cause, AND the results exceptionally expensive (average House Windows are around 0 each!), it doesn’t take a scientist to work out, the average ‘WINDOW CLEANER’ will simply ‘WALK AWAY’, and attempt to ‘POINT THE BLAME’ when damage does occur.
SCRAPER BLADES ARE THE issue IF NOT USED 100% correctly!!
Pristine WINDOWS , NEW ZEALAND – Utilize a BLADE FREE service, and engage significant technologies to get the job done, SAFELY and PROFESSIONALLY –

Getting headaches with your window cleaning chores? Leave it to the professional window cleaning services ! I recommend this Portland Window Cleaning and Washing company , http://www.cleanservicesnorthwest.com for all your window cleaning needs ! Their window cleaners are good!!

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